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The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang

Footage taken in Pyongyang in December 2008.

1st Footage: Unscheduled elevator stop in the Koryo Hotel on the 27th floor. I was supposed to ride the elevator right up to the top floor, where I would be met by a service attendand. The 27th floor, most like every other floor was dark and abandoned.
2nd Footage: The Ryugyong Hotel, seen from the southwestern side. The southerneastern side, facing the city center is being paneled with glass, just to make it look better. Notice the progress bars on the posters, showing the “people’s progress”.
3rd Footage: Pyongyang Central Station, secretly shot from the top of the Koryo Hotel.
4th Footage: An electric powered bus, passing westbound on Okryu Bridge.


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