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breaking radio silence: Dandong and back.


I haven’t been updating my blog for a few days now. There was simply no time. Among other things, I travelled back to Dandong for a night and got bombarded again with just too many impressions. I could capture some on pictures, but most of them I just had take in. So here are some of the thoughts, that came to me:
I like traditional Korean houses much more than Chinese Houses. They are not build with predominant “kitsch”, but sleeker and simpler.


People are being ordered to do anything and everything. Today, they’re road workers, tomorrow, they’ll be farmers and yesterday, they were roof workers. And if there isn’t anything to do, they collect the little they can grow, prepare it, carry it somewhere and sell it to passers by. Mostly old people. Either cigarettes or snacks. And I saw it all over: In Pyongyang or on my way to Dandong.

sjiu ddg

Arriving in Dandong, I enjoyed this 700000 people city, bustling with life, took a room in a hotel, got a great view of the mountain range. All those lights, freedom of movement, capitalism, more lights and that typical background noise of a big city.

ddg bn

Just thankful to be back again.


Pyongyang by Night (the government tour and its contrast to reality)

kis m

I went out for a stroll yesterday night and it was dark as the deepest night. The eery thing about it was, I was walking in a young evening through the capital of a nation: Pyongyang.
Some people had flashlights, who turned them on as they crossed the streets to alert oncoming traffic, as if traffic cared for pedestrians. The first stop was at Kim Il Sung Square…

kis square

I set up the tripod and started shooting pictures of the “Tower of the Juche Idea”, commissioned by Kim Jong Il to indulge his father and to cement his succession to power. Then I walked all over and shot some random scenery, trying not to be noticed. The damn display of my little Canon was too bright.
I’m just imagining, how it was a year ago, when school children from all over Pyongyang were forced to practice for the 60th anniversary parade on this square. :(

These Photos were taken around 2:00 am.

school kis s 01

school kis s 02

school kis s 03

“Kim Il Sung loves children.”


Dandong by Night

Some impressions of Dandong by Night, shot just a few hours ago, submitted to Europe to upload it on youtube.


The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang

Footage taken in Pyongyang in December 2008.

1st Footage: Unscheduled elevator stop in the Koryo Hotel on the 27th floor. I was supposed to ride the elevator right up to the top floor, where I would be met by a service attendand. The 27th floor, most like every other floor was dark and abandoned.
2nd Footage: The Ryugyong Hotel, seen from the southwestern side. The southerneastern side, facing the city center is being paneled with glass, just to make it look better. Notice the progress bars on the posters, showing the “people’s progress”.
3rd Footage: Pyongyang Central Station, secretly shot from the top of the Koryo Hotel.
4th Footage: An electric powered bus, passing westbound on Okryu Bridge.

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