how do chinese celebrate christmas and new year…

sorry for leaving the announcement on for such a long a time. i didn’t have a computer to write with for the past days and won’t have one for next few weeks. i’m writing this post from my iphone.
arriving in beijing early for christmas, the first impression was, that it was just as decorated for christmas, as western airports are. either pictures of santa claus were pasted to windows, festive lights hanging everywhere in the most colorful manner or christmas trees, decorating entrances and big halls.
once arrived in the hotel, christmas music swept out of hidden speakers. the same in malls and shops. but that was it. sometimes waitresses or somekind of promoters/hostesses were dressed up as what i would like to call ‘santa clausettes’ and giving out little samples of anything anyshop would try to sell. in the streets, beijing looked as it always looks. in the main streets, you could see those pasted santas everywhere. but once you cut into the blocks themselves, away from the main streets, there were no more decorations. as christmas eve came, i saw the worst traffic chaos i’ve ever seen. everyone was heading home and i’m talking about the chinese. it seemed they wanted to spent the evening at home. that night, the streets seemed more deserted than usual.
that would be next question, how china celebrates christmas at home. there is a christian minority in china, but not enough to really mean something significant. my asumption is that they adopted the habbit of spending the time with the family (although the chinese do that more often, than westerners anyway) and giving presents. here’s to excusing for doing something nice on a certain day.
i remember, when i lived in hong kong, my family adopted some traditions of chinese new year, although we were a ‘christian’ family. … picking out the best of every religion/tradition.
as for new year (btw, happy new year and welcome to 2010) nothing happened. since china only adopted the gregorian calendar for its practical use and not for any other thing, the new year according to it is just as significant, as any midnight, that passes by, only noticed by clocks or the news on the radio. maybe somewhere, somebody did celebrate it, but it was hardly noticeable. last year in beijing, i slept through. and it didn’t bother really.
in a few weeks will be the chinese new year. that’s the time, when it is awesome to be in china. fireworks rampage. need i write more?! last year, they even managed to burn down a (let’s call it a…) skyscraper in construction next to the CCTV building at the third ring. when you drive on the third ring northbound and pass by the cctv building, look out for the very next building. you’ll see it burnt. but in hope, that you have a much better start than that ;) … happy new year!

and while you’re at it, why not enjoy some yummy and healthy hotpot?!


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