breaking radio silence: Dandong and back.


I haven’t been updating my blog for a few days now. There was simply no time. Among other things, I travelled back to Dandong for a night and got bombarded again with just too many impressions. I could capture some on pictures, but most of them I just had take in. So here are some of the thoughts, that came to me:
I like traditional Korean houses much more than Chinese Houses. They are not build with predominant “kitsch”, but sleeker and simpler.


People are being ordered to do anything and everything. Today, they’re road workers, tomorrow, they’ll be farmers and yesterday, they were roof workers. And if there isn’t anything to do, they collect the little they can grow, prepare it, carry it somewhere and sell it to passers by. Mostly old people. Either cigarettes or snacks. And I saw it all over: In Pyongyang or on my way to Dandong.

sjiu ddg

Arriving in Dandong, I enjoyed this 700000 people city, bustling with life, took a room in a hotel, got a great view of the mountain range. All those lights, freedom of movement, capitalism, more lights and that typical background noise of a big city.

ddg bn

Just thankful to be back again.


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