Pyongyang by Night (the government tour and its contrast to reality)

kis m

I went out for a stroll yesterday night and it was dark as the deepest night. The eery thing about it was, I was walking in a young evening through the capital of a nation: Pyongyang.
Some people had flashlights, who turned them on as they crossed the streets to alert oncoming traffic, as if traffic cared for pedestrians. The first stop was at Kim Il Sung Square…

kis square

I set up the tripod and started shooting pictures of the “Tower of the Juche Idea”, commissioned by Kim Jong Il to indulge his father and to cement his succession to power. Then I walked all over and shot some random scenery, trying not to be noticed. The damn display of my little Canon was too bright.
I’m just imagining, how it was a year ago, when school children from all over Pyongyang were forced to practice for the 60th anniversary parade on this square. :(

These Photos were taken around 2:00 am.

school kis s 01

school kis s 02

school kis s 03

“Kim Il Sung loves children.”


1 Response to “Pyongyang by Night (the government tour and its contrast to reality)”

  1. 1 Jin Feng
    2009/12/02 at 01:15

    Thank you for your posts. I think they’re meaningful since we don’t have much of the information of North Korea around. I’m a senior of high school and I’m doing a research about North Korea. Since you’ve been there, may I ask some questions like how do you feel about North Korea and what’s it like to be in such a secretive country? Thank you a lot. Jin Feng.

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